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In todayís increasingly competitive marketplace, the difference between success and failure is often determined by the quality of a firmís brand strategy and design implementation. It has been shown that brand design is one of the most influential factors in a customerís decision-making process. Such is the power of a brand and the power of design. Stuart Glass Design Group has the knowledge to harness the power of brand design.
  Our multidisciplinary creative team and visionary thinking will ensure that your brand design is optimized to its fullest marketing potential. We create brand strategy and design solutions that fulfill your strategic marketing objectives by creating resonance with your target customer. All of the design elements and expressions of a brand - brand name, logo, collateral materials, packaging, web design, office design, retail store design, architectural prototypes, POP displays, trade show exhibit spaces and industrial design elements will be orchestrated into a powerful marketing communication machine that will speak directly to the mind of your target audience.
  Stuart Glass, President and Chief Creative Officer, contributes his knowledge of the art and science of brand design to every project. He is a recognized strategic design expert with twenty years of experience in both 2D and 3D design, and brand strategy. Having served as a Creative Director at both Landor Associates (WPP Group) and Lippincott (Marsh & McLennan), Stuart has provided strategic design leadership to both national and international brand design projects. Stuart Glass Design Group is uniquely positioned: only senior level brand designers and strategists comprise project teams. Let Stuart Glass Design Group use the power of brand design to generate greater market share.




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